25 Septembre 2019 à 18h10 - 1411 : The masters of saddle restoration

Equitack is the specialist in saddle manufacturing. They can offer you high-end products. You want a western saddle or a unique English saddle? No challenge is beyond the reach of our saddler. In addition, they also repair and restore saddles and equestrian products. Then check out for more information.

Repair and restoration

You have decided to bring out your stored material for years in the attic. Appraisal: a layer of dust and a very dry leather. How to recover this riding equipment? Nothing easier. Equitack allows you to ensure a complete cleaning and repair of your saddle without that requires you a lot of effort in terms of budget. Do not hesitate to come see them !

Leather is a noble material whose longevity, well maintained, can exceed the centuries. Rather than throw away your old stuff, have them repaired or restored. Your saddler is committed to bringing back your leather material.


For those who do not have the time or desire to maintain their own equipment, they offer a personalized service of maintenance with high quality products of French origin. For the others, they offer a range of maintenance products specially designed for riding equipment based exclusively on high performance natural products. Well maintained equipment will ensure the well-being of your horse, but also ensure the comfort of your equestrian practice. So, enjoy a complete repair and maintenance service at Equitack to revive your saddle and give it back its colors. You will be able to go there for any request concerning your leathers or to provide you with material and maintenance products for the leather.

Thus, professional and neat, Equitack offers you to take care of the maintenance and the repair of all your articles in leather whatever their types. Having a real sense of listening, he is committed to repair your article and to present a result to meet your requirements.


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